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Here are 10 modern methods that can help you catch a cheating partner. Weird . You didn't know your spouse had a prepaid phone. Perhaps.

7 traits most cheaters have in common

But a locked phone especially, Susan Winter said, is a dead giveaway. Cheaters tend to put some pretty intense privacy setting on their personal lives too, so it's not just their romantic happenings they'll keep to themselves, Winters explained. They prefer to keep all personal details such as things about their family, who their friends are, and where they work on the DL, too.

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You might recall this trick of the trade from the teen dramedy "John Tucker Must Die," but apparently the three-time cheater's strategy of calling his three girlfriends "baby" and "sweetheart" wasn't just clever writing, it's a legitimate tactic cheaters use to make sure they aren't mixing up your name with their other partner's name. Winters said cheaters will latch onto cutesy nicknames like "baby" and "sweetheart" so that the odds of a slip up are in their favor.

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  • Don't feel bad if you've ever fallen for a cheater's false promises and lame excuses for canceling plans in the past. It's easy to do because they're eerily good at it. So good, in fact, that LeslieBeth Wish, a noted psychotherapist, author, and founder of Love Victory said cheaters will sometimes lay the groundwork for future lies ahead of time in order to cover their tracks later on in the relationship. What's even more disturbing about cheaters is that not only do they know wha t to say, they know how to say it, and how to carry themselves so that their body language doesn't give away a lie.

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    In the beginning of every relationship, there's a honeymoon phase when everything's coming up roses, and you can't keep your hands off each other. Eventually that all dies down, but even though you might not be showering one another with the same attention or affection that you were at the start of it all, typically some kind of spark is still burning. But if your partner starts seeing other people behind your back, don't be surprised if the first sign of infidelity is distance. When you reach out, you get no reply or told they'll get right back to you — which they don't," Wish explained.

    You've heard the phrase "it's not you, it's me? Nothing a cheater does is your fault, but the second they start rationalizing their affair aloud to you, it can be easy to forget they acted on their own accord.

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    Once they start making you doubt yourself, it could be a sign your partner is trying to get inside your head and make it so that you blame yourself for their "needing" to cheat. Let's say you ask your significant other about a single friend or co-worker they've been cozying up to or talking a lot with recently.

    7 Obscure Words for Cheating and Infidelity | Merriam-Webster

    Are they quick to change the subject? If so, that's a blatant red flag your partner might be doing something suspicious. Cheaters "deflect pointed conversations by changing the true subject and always minimizing their actions," award-winning therapist and survivor of psychological abuse, Shannon Thomas told INSIDER.

    Cheaters, like bullies, are fueled by power, and drawn to risk. This kind of behavior, however, is a reflection of something deeply rooted inside of them. Julia Guerra. Facebook Icon The letter F. Link icon An image of a chain link. Posting photos for the purpose of tempting someone other than your significant other isn't exactly innocent , after all. If you're renaming contacts in your phone or only communicating with people using fake names online, it certainly seems like you've got something to hide. If you're being fully faithful with your partner, you shouldn't feel the need to hide who you're talking to.

    Yes, even the most faithful partners will occasionally check in on an ex's social media from time to time. However, if you're constantly looking for updates and new photos, you're taking time away from your partner with this social media cheating and are on a slippery slope toward infidelity.

    Following someone on Instagram solely because you think they're hot is not as innocent as it sounds. If you don't know someone, but choose to follow them for their looks alone, you're admitting your attraction and trying to connect, neither of which are exactly above board. In short: this could be considered Instagram cheating. Commenting, "Wish I was there with you!

    Not so innocent. Those flirty DMs you're sending to your Twitter crush aren't without repercussions. While you may be safely behind a screen, if your partner saw that you were telling someone else how hot they were, wouldn't you consider it social media cheating? Intimacy extends far beyond the physical. If you're confiding in someone other than your partner and leaning on them for emotional support, you might be guilty of social media cheating.

    Many exes can be social media friends without incident. However, if your social media relationship with your ex starts going down the rabbit hole of rehashing all those great dates you had, your partner's probably justified in feeling a little lied to. Unless you're asking a close friend to help you decide between outfits, sending photos of yourself to other people on social media should be generally considered off-limits in a monogamous relationship.

    Just because you're not using explicit language doesn't mean you're not crossing a line. Emojis can paint just as vivid a picture : an eggplant here and a donut there and you're in hot water.

    30 Cute names to call your girlfriend

    If your ex still has a box of your stuff, by all means, message them to get it back. However, if you're just sending them a message to check in or to catch up, don't be surprised if your significant other is less than pleased with this act of social media cheating. If you feel the need to constantly erase evidence of who you've been looking up on social media, consider yourself busted.

    If you genuinely think there's no problem with what you're searching for on social media, there shouldn't be any reason to hide it from your partner. It's human nature to seek validation. However, if you're constantly messaging friends who love nothing more than to flirtatiously remind you how hot or smart or funny you are , you're wading into some murky territory in terms of fidelity. There are plenty of ways to appreciate someone cute without actually offering up compliments. When you start leaving thirsty comments on people's photos, however, you're switching from being a passive and an active participant in social media cheating.

    Your partner should be the person you can tell anything to.