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Here are 10 modern methods that can help you catch a cheating partner. Weird . You didn't know your spouse had a prepaid phone. Perhaps.

Throw your android device away if that's you.

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Email and Text Message Log tracking. Daughter Alexis Q. Spyera is the most powerful and undetectable Spy phone Software! A ton of advanced technology in a single spy application. Listen in to live calls happening on the target phone. You can receive a secret SMS alert. If you then call the target mobile, you will be added to the live call. Call interception is available on Spyera only. Competitors does not have this feature! Hear what's happening around the device. Make a hidden call to the target phone to listening the phones' surroundings, like a bugging device conversations in the room, etc.

Real Time ambient listening is available on Spyera only. Spyera upload all photos taken from the the target device to your web account. Check camera image, audio files, video files, wallpapers etc. Instant messaging is not just about text and pictures anymore. VOIP is also key. Record phone conversation as hidden sound file. Choose phone numbers to be recorded automatically. Spyera send recorded calls to the web account to be listened to later.

Remotely enable the target device's microphone, record the surroundings of it and then upload it to your web account. Instead of listening to it live, you can listen recorded files anytime you want. Spyera use GPS positioning to show the coordinates of the device. Location linked the map inside your web account and display a path of travel between certain time periods.

Learn their login credentials for Facebook, Skype, Twitter, Emails. Read all messages including the stickers, status, profiles, pictures, locations and emoticons. Read the contents of all incoming and outgoing SMS messages. Spyera captures all E-mails and sent to your web account, even if user delete them you will have a copy on your web account. If the e-mail address is in the phones address book, the contact name will also be available.

The Alert Wizard lets you specify criteria that will result in notification being generated for you on the dashboard, or sent to you by e-mail.

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Buy now and start monitoring immediately. View a real-time map with the device's last known location, and track recent and past movements. Access calls, messages, chats, locations, web activity, photos and videos, logs, address book, contacts, calendar events, tasks, applications from anywhere in the world. Turn features off and on, Wipe or lock the device and remove MobileSpy remotely. Ideal for device security. Ask Us. As a parent there is always that nagging worry: is my child safe?

Having peace of mind when it comes to ones children is easier when one knows where they are. With GPS you can see exactly where you child is and where they've been and no longer need to worry whether they're really where they say they are. Children are impressionable and vulnerable - especially to older children and adults.

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With social media applications and the internet so much a part of our lives, it has become easier for predators to target our children. Know exactly who they're chatting to and put a stop to any inappropriate contact. Get MobileSpy. For Them. Understanding one's child is not always easy. As they grow older they tend to keep more secrets. This doesn't mean that they're up to no good, but for a parent, it can be a worry.

Know what your child discusses and get a glimpse into their world so that you can understand their behaviour and guide them. In today's world, with such restrictive employment laws and regulations one needs to be certain of all the facts before taking any action against an employee.

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You may suspect that particular staff are slacking, not where they say they are or using company property inappropriately. You have a responsibility to your business, your staff and other stakeholders to ensure that the best interests of your business are being looked after, and there's no greater threat to a business than one from within - dishonest or counterproductive staff can be devastating to a business - not only to its profitability, but to its reputation and morale. Install MobileSpy on your business phones and you will no longer need to worry.

You'll know when your staff are lying, when they weren't where they said they'd been, their loyalty and trustworthiness, who they're in regular contact with, what they talk about, what they share with one another, and generally what goes on behind your back. Get Peace of Mind. Payment is easy and secure. We use payfast. Your order is delivered electronically - wherever you are.

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Its as simple as checking your email. We will send you everything you need to get MobileSpy installed and working on your target phone including support contact details. Get hold of the target phone for a few minutes. You don't even need the target person's SIM card. You can use any SIM card for the installation - even your own - because MobileSpy is installed on the phone.

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  • We recommend using WiFi for installation. Installation is quick and easy. Monitor immediately and from anywhere. MobileSpy will begin working straight away. All data is sent to a secure server which you can access from anywhere using your computer or cell phone. Its as easy as logging onto the internet.

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    If you were looking to get peace of mind, to get closure or to get even once you found the truth, you're now able to. MobileSpy will give you the facts you need to make the right decision for your future and those you love. See the full text sent or received even if the message or chat is deleted by the user. Capture both sides of chat conversations and text, email and instant messages, including:. Log and access the user's phone activity and data. Know what they do on the device, online and offline, and know what data they create, store, share, send and receive.

    MobileSpy enables you to monitor the target person, control the target phone and access the user's data on any internet enabled device and from anywhere in the world. MobileSpy provides you with a number of convenient ways to track the location and movement of the target phone and to be notified of particular movements.

    Very good service and after sales support. I will be in touch again and look forward to dealing with your company in future.